Natural Stone





We specialize in a large range of natural stone for all types of applications, .  Contact us about available one-of-a-kind stones and specialty rocks.  Many of the natural stone products we carry are available in both thin stone veneer and full-dimension stone veneer.  When considering your next project remember that there are a number of advantages to choosing thin veneer stone.  Beside the fact that there is virtually no visual difference between thin and full veneer, thin stone veneer weighs less, is faster to install and is more economical than full-dimension stone veneer.  Whatever your preference, we have what your looking for – Flagstone, Cobblestone and Boulders too!






Our friendly, helpful, knowledgable staff is here to assist you in making your dream hardscape design a reality.

From purchasing one stone as a lovely accent to your yard or or several truckloads of stone for larger projects, everyone that comes to PGC is guarenteened the same excellent service and attention.

As a compliment to our Natural Stone selection we are pleased to offer the following Cultured Stone Products- Selkirk Stone and Boral Stone.

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