River Stone

Ponderay Garden Center

Photo courtesy of Ancient Art of Stone 

Ponderay Garden Center’s impressive inventory of natural stone includes Lightening Creek River Stone, Rainbow River Stone as well as other locally sourced river stone.

Lightening Creek River Stone is comprised of metamorphic quartzites, argillites, and siltstones.  The colors in Lightening Creek River Stone are subtly exquisite earth tones of light grey, blue, tan, light green and lavender.  Our locally sourced Rainbow River stone lends itself to a more colorful choice.

Photo courtesy of Ancient Art of Stone


River Stones have unique shapes, from skippers to cobble block to boulders that can weigh up to 4,000 pounds.  The cobbles are ideal for tight joints, veneer, dry stack walls, fireplaces and landscape projects.  The variation in the size of river rock allow for an endless pallet of color and creativity in formation, from simple designs to opulent and artistic – whatever your vision, we can help you create it with this gorgeous, natural resource.